New Beginer lvl 0+ Learning Group

Hello World!
At age of 36 i found this side two days ago from nearly 0 (some windows basic and maybe a year of turbo pascal 20 years ago) i began to start this course (what for im thankful, first incomming with new skills ill be a generous donatior, but not before , sorry for…)
My aim is become the leader of this planet and bring peace, prosperity and brighter future for our race.
Until it happens im looking for ppl keep tight contact to be able to help each others pass trough difficulties. Also if i get it right, being in this profession is a teamwork, so could be a good practice for that too. And who knows, might be a begining of a beautiful friendship.
Greetings for all of u who read this!

Hi granpa,

It still beat you by 18 years, I’m 54 now. :stuck_out_tongue:
I wish you a lot of fun and success here, :yellow_heart:


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Hi @mientje ! Nice to meet another person of my age who is doing the program.

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