New career, help me decide

Hello All,
I need advice on what programming is really like. I am about to get out of the military and have a associates in Aerospace Maintenance, but really hate working on planes/machines. I think I like programming, I’m finally starting to learn for the first time ever. I always use VBA for fun projects on my own and really enjoy these classes. but I need to know what my life could look like if I go into this career. Pro’s, Con’s, little things about the culture, ect. Please don’t hold back, I want to make an informed decision.

If you have specific questions, I’m happy to answer them relevant to my own experience. You’re going to need to give us more to work with though. I suspect that you can get a general idea of what a career as a programmer involves via google searching.


Yes, and I tried to get a general idea of what the military was like by google searching. It was mostly incorrect information. I want to hear it from people who have nothing to lose or gain from my choices, and who are not obligated by any laws or agreements to “ensure a good standing” of this career in the eyes of the public.
I don’t mean this to come off as bitchy, but there is a reason I want answers here.

I’m not suggesting that you “just google it”. I was offering to answer your questions and suggesting that high-level research could help you form those questions.

I can only provide you with vague answers to such a vague question. If you use the forum search feature, your exact question about transitioning from the military to programming has been asked a few times, and there are other topics about transitioning from other career fields.

The more specific your questions, the better able we are to provide you with good quality answers. I’d look at those other threads and bring more specific questions back to this thread.

Pros, Cons, culture, etc vary wildly based upon the specific job you are doing, just like how military culture varies based upon branch, AFSC/MOS, etc. My work from home in C on an open source software package for supercomputers is very different from front end web development, for instance.

Just do it…Sounds like you have what it takes. It may not be a fit and there’s no way to know until you do it. I came at this from another profession (legal secretary) and I love love love it. Working on an independent business and getting a job with an agency or start up that will hire me. It’s a wonderful vocation if you ask me. You’ll never stop learning and you can create and challenge yourself to no end. Hope this helps.

Thanks for your service. I am so grateful to you for looking out for this country. Now go concur the programming world - you’re half way there!

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