New career new beginning from hospitality business to hospitality web development in near future

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Forum looking ever so great and helpful! Thanks to organisers and members!

I started HTML CSS and Javascript for beginners course two weeks ago. My struggle now is that there are 26 lectures now and feeling overloaded, and I’m an efficient person. Have created my mock little test pages to wrap up my ideas, and it looked satisfyingly good. The question is that how to balance it out of not getting bored and quit? Many thanks


Hi @Den1 ,
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Glad you like it here. The software field is truly ever expanding. I think the feeling of overload goes away after a while, when you have gained some overview and found clarity about what niche you are most interested in.

Personally I study one hour in the morning, 6 days a week. That works for me. I would say try to build a routine of your own and tweak it until it’s right. If you are frustrated stop. Don’t push yourself so hard, that you start to hate programming or doubt yourself. Just take a break when needed.

PS: I find it helpful to ask myself this question when running into a problem: “Do I not know what is supposed to happen here, or do I simply not know the syntax to write this?” In the beginning I often confused the two and doubted myself.

Hi @michaelsndr
Thank you very much for your suggestions and tips. Those questions are now written opposite my desk as guidance, focus through this impressive learning routes! Means a lot!

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Honestly, you are going to run into periods of restlessness and fatigue. It’s more or less unavoidable no matter how creative or interested you are. What you do when you recognize it is more important.

It’s possible that you could find that web development is not for you. How to distinguish whether it is fatigue or genuine disinterest is up to you.

You just have to manage yourself. Realistically look at it as a long term commitment, not a fast track. Just because you breeze through 26 lesson doesn’t mean you retain all that information, and it’s possible that you haven’t hit where the difficulty curve ramps up. This isn’t a test you cram for, so don’t rush. Take breaks and make sure you are really internalizing these information.

Plan out your studying, create a rhythm and consistency and make sure you are progressing, if not day by day then week by week. It’s going to feel like a chore sometimes because part of learning and working is tedious. You just have to keep your eye on the bigger picture and keep yourself on track. Mental discipline is an important part of self-learning

@psychometry Interesting words, because always been self-thought and in the past achieved a lot. So this is now something completely new and exciting! You are right about self-discipline which challenging and at the same time rewarding! Thank I will keep those hints in mind!

Hi Den1, I just finished a 12 weeks boot-camp in Bristol and one of the most important thing that I learned from my coaches is that even if you have a lot of work to do you have to take breaks frequently. Don’t push your limit. Make a plan and stay with it. Even if you work just for one hour give everything in that hour and after that take a break. Come back and if you can’t focus and be active again, for an hour let’s say, leave it for a moment and come back when you can focus. For me it works.

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@BogdanDev Thanks man! That what looks like that helps me a lot!

How was your boot-camp? What did you study?

I am looking to do one in the near future. Any recommendations?

Many thanks :sunglasses:

Hello Den,

The boot-camp was intense and beautiful. It was 3 months of “eating code on bread”.
I’ve studied HTML 5, CSS 3, JavaScript, OOP in JavaScript ( classes, constructors ), React JS ( including routing ), noSQL database with Firebase ( CRUD operations, authentication, hosting ), TDD with Jest and Enzyme. Also we did Node.JS, Typescript.
Boot-camps are good ( not saying that schools are bad, but the amount of money that you need to pay for school is crazy ). I did the boot-camp in Bristol half period in class with them and half I did it remote due to the virus ( …I’m prepared to work remotely also :slight_smile: ). :sunglasses: