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I am 43 years old and have always been in the hospitality trade but looking for a career change. I have always been interested in coding but never new where to start and work obligations have hindered me from learning. I’m here now and have started with the html section. So far it looks like a spectacular site and in the short time i’ve been using it feel like I’m learning. I’m looking for some advice as to how to structure my learning ie where to start ? approximately how long it will take to be job ready? what possible careers to look into? potential starting salaries? Is it possible to work remotely as i would like to have the freedom to travel? and any other advice tips that the community would deem helpful

Thank you all for all your input and advice in advance and looking forward to hearing your replies

Kind regards Dimitri

  1. Just follow the curriculum, if you fail to grasp some materials, do some research on Google and watch some youtube videos.
  2. How long will depend on how good your skills are. Some people takes years, others only spend 4-5 months and got a job. It totally depends on how good and committed you are.
  3. Possible career to look into is: Jr. Web Dev, Jr. Full Stack Developer, Front-end Engineer, after a few years of experience you can easily transition into a more senior dev positions
  4. Depends on your location and the company itself, at FAANG in CA(big tech companies like Facebook Google Amazon Apple Netflix), you can easily start at $150k-$180k/year, and that’s only base salary, doesn’t include stock bonus. With everything on top, some devs can reach $300k-$400k/year
    At some startups in other states, you’d probably start out at $60k-$70k. That’s for junior position. If you land an apprenticeship, you could possibly start even lower, but it will give you experience to better land a full-time job.
  5. Remote work is possible but highly competitive, just don’t expect much unless you got lucky, not as hard as getting into FAANG so still possible.
  6. Just stick to it, don’t quit and you will eventually succeed

freeCodeCamp is a great place to start. The curriculum is intended to be done in order. You are going to have to learn how to leverage the power of Google and use additional resources as you learn.

This varies dramatically from person to person. Some students are able to devote a lot of time and energy to learning, have a background that makes them learn this material fairly quickly, get a nice dose of luck, and are able to change careers in a year. Keep in mind that the traditional way of entering this field is a full-time 4 year degree when you are young and your brain is used to learning things quickly. There’s a lot to learn and practical experience is an important component.

Anything in the field of software development. The freeCodeCamp curriculum is particularly focused on web technologies.

This varies dramatically by location, to the point of being completely impossible to answer.

Yes. It’s harder to get remote work when you’re brand new than after you have some professional experience because junior developers tend to need a lot more interaction. In terms of travel, you may be required to keep the same hours of your coworkers, so traveling to different timezones can be rough. It depends, though.

Be patient with yourself. Don’t try to rush it. Talk to people when you get stuck. Be active in communities like this one.

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