New carreer at 45yo?


As the title says, I am 45 years old, from Portugal. Married, 2 children.

My academic background is un business management and economics, and all my professional carrer is in the financial area. I am CFO of an engineering company, and also CPA.

Some years ago I started to feel that I don´t like very much this financial area. And coding might be (almost sure) soemting I would like a lot. Some of my friends always told me, i should got the university degree in CS and not in businessa administration.

Now, I decided to give it a try. I realy would like to learn coding. I startd my research on houw to start and found free code camp.
So, I decided to try to go thru the curriculum from the beginnng, since I am a complety newby.

Hope to be able to complete this, to be able to be a software/web developer, and, who knows, change my career at 45.

Of course I will be using this comunity to get some help, and in the future, help others.


Hi @Jonef !

Welcome to the forum!

It is definitely possible to change careers and become a developer.
There will some ageism in this industry but luckily there are good companies that will hire you and give you chance.

Take your time with learning.
Build projects and get feedback from the #project-feedback .

Also, research what it takes to get a job in the #career section so you learn the dos and don’ts of the job hunt.

Research and ask questions on what you don’t understand.

Hope that helps and good luck with your journey.


Thanks for your advices.

For now, I am motivares to get the objective. Lets see.

I started with the begining of the curriculum, and almost reaching the first project of the first module.

In the researches I made, Python is recomended often for the first language to learn .

The next module ia JavaScript? Why is that? Is there Any specific reason or May I jump to Python?

Oh! men

I have 51 and I am working . go ahead!

freeCodeCamp primarily focuses on web development and therefore provides a curriculum for full stack javascript.

If your goal is to become a web developer, then learning HTML , CSS and JavaScript is your best bet. JavaScript can be used in other areas but it is really big in web dev.

Python is a good general purpose language and can be used in a variety of areas. You can use it in web and you can also use it in other areas like data science.

The python sections for freeCodeCamp focuses more on data science and assume you have done the previous javascript sections and developed a basic foundation in programming.

A lot of people ask the question of can I start with python.
If you jump straight into the python sections, without previous programming experience you might feel like the material to moves a little fast.
Especially the projects.
You will have to supplement your learning with outside materials because you haven’t built up that baseline programming knowledge.

I think one of the reasons why people suggest python for beginners so much is that the syntax is easier to read and understand for beginners.

Both languages have tons of materials for beginners, so I would personally consider them both beginner accessible.

Also, IMO, most people struggle with the general programming aspects and not always the language itself.

Don’t get me wrong, JavaScript does have its weird quirks, but I do think you would be able to pick it up if you invest the time into it.

I am also 45 years old and I started studying in IT.
It doesn’t matter how old you are, your gender, your skin color - the main thing is your personal productivity at work.
Also of great importance is the constant desire to acquire new knowledge.

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I’m 48 and getting my second degree, hopefully, two months from now, in Systems Analysis and Design. I decided to change careers when I was 44-45 and definitely don’t regret it. My background is in (world) languages, but I’ve always liked playing around with computers and believe this is definitely the time to pursue this dream. Welcome, boas-vindas, and happy coding! :smiley:

This os Very importante. Coding is always changing.

When we like what we are doing, This should not be a problem. Should be something that comes naturaly, I think.

That makes sense.

I am Very curious with the first projects for the responsive web design certification. Put is practice what i’ve learnded.

2nd degre? Congratulations.

With degree, you mean university degree? Which one was the first? Wich learning path youn took?

Sorry about all This questions, but is great to have só Many answers of people that made the same as I want to. Change the career at 45.

Yep, I graduated as a BA in Languages long ago. I’ve been tackling the fCC curriculum in sequence: Responsive Web Design, JS, and Frontend Libraries at the moment. I’ve also taken some courses here and there on my own and practice in the challenge sites, like exercism, hackerrank, codesignal, and others. I think you’re on the right path. Remember: the hurry is yours and yours alone. You can take your time and learn on your own pace. At age 45, you have the advantage of your experience in Finances that will make a difference in whatever software related to the area you get involved with. Keep learning, have fun with what you learn and always count on the community. They are here to help. :smiley:

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Ah. Ok. Thought it was already the desconet degree in programming relates. :grinning:

My idea is to go thru the curriculum and then, take an oficial certification, Ana specialization, on the language I like more, ir feel more confortable.

Well done Jonef! I’m 35 and recently made the change from civil engineer to software engineer. FCC is where I started the journey!


And how was your learning path thru this career change?

Resbonsive web-design done, and certificated.

Here are the projects I’ve done:

Tribute Page
Survey Form
Technical Doc Page
Landing Page

At the end, I realized that it was a new responsive web design course, and gone thru some of the subjects, to internalize the learning.

And now… Java Script, here I go!!!

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