New certifcation

So I started coding on the responsive web design certification (I was at the projects state) but a new one appeared, should I continue on the legacy one or should I redo the new one?

Go with the flow - what I meant is that you should first complete the legacy one then do any other courses you want to do .

I have an other question if you don’t mind, i was using vscode with the script they gave in the last vesion, can i still use the script or is it better to code in the freecodecamp website ?

can u elaborate , please ? I don’t understand what are u tryin’ to say

Before the update to do the project, like the tribute page or survey form, you could either use or put the script line in your code in whatever programs or using, in my case vscode. But now you can code in the website and for me it’s easier to do bigger stuff on vscode than on the freeCodeCamp website. But they don’t put the script in user stories anymore.

I always use codepen for fcc projects :grinning:

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