New Challenges?

I just finished the front end certificate.
I have heard about the new certificates but I am not sure about where I can find them.
My “map” only shows the old deprecated certificates.

Does anyone know how I can change this?

The new certificates are still in beta. You can feel free to check it out. Its relatively the same with added projects.

Lol they rightfully made some of the algorithm challenges into projects.
Exact change took me quite a while.

My “map” only shows the old deprecated certificates

Who said that? :open_mouth:
As far as I know the actual certificates are the valid one, speaking of front-end, data-visualization & back-end.

In beta you can find other certificates but none of them is valid at the moment. The challenges are useful for sure though, to prepare yourself for the project you can see in your account.
If I’m not missing something the beta is a beta, that’s all ^^