New Coder - Learning, but not learning

Greetings everyone, I recently started my journey into the world of code.

I started with code academy, I did the HTML/CSS/Javascript and I also did the course on PHP.

I moved over to FCC because I believed it would be a better fit for me. Currently on the jQuery path.

A little bit about my background before I explain my issue.

I am 24 years old, graduated from UT of Austin (in December) majoring in Economics and decided to pursue coding to build my skill-set and I thought it would be fun.

My issue is that while I am taking in all this knowledge at once, I am feeling slightly overwhelmed. I am not sure on exactly what I want to use coding for, and I do not know great ways to practice what i just learned.

I feel like I am learning the syntax and all, but missing the bigger picture.

Anyone have any advice/personal experience on how they focused down on what they wanted to learn and how they practiced?

Right now I am not sure which way I want my coding career to head.


Hello, congrats on learning how to code it’s a big step. I had a similar experience just starting out. It’s easy to switch between frameworks or ideologies in programming especially in web development ,and feel a bit overwhelmed with everything.

My best advice is to stick with it, complete as many projects as you can. Experiment with different frameworks and constantly iterate on what you’ve done.

Finally, set some personal goals of what you hope to achieve. Wether it be getting a dev job or something else ,and think about the steps you need to take to reach them.

Good luck, feel free to msg me if you need any help.

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