New developers working for this project

I’m Samhith Manda interested to contribute my work for this open source project.It would be helpful if you could answer the following questions as I’m new in contributing towards open source projects.

  1. the support i could expect for the contributors like me.

  2. the main challenges that can be acquired while contributing to this project.

  3. what time does it take generally to be at a level where more contribution can be done independently?

  4. after gaining the required knowledge to contribute for this project, are there any other challenges to be known which could effect my contribution for this project?

Have you checked out the contributor’s guide?

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thank you for your reply, and yes i have went through the guide but it would be more helpful to get through this project from your experience.

If there are any parts that you’re stuck on or confused by, you can ask about them here or in the Contributors Gitter room to get help from people who have had success.