New Feature: Indicator of module level progress

I’m a gamer.

One thing I will say is that “gamification” can be incredibly impactful. That being said, it comes in many forms. Some excellent examples would be GitHub’s contributions graph (or our own heatmap on your /learn profile), or leaderboards within a community (I’ve implemented one within my personal community).

That being said, gamification works best when either:

  • The “reward” is continuous, i.e. a contribution graph where you are never “maxed out” on your points
  • or the path to completion is clear, i.e. achievements in a video game.

I do agree with @JeremyLT regarding the accuracy of a metric such as “X/Y completed” or “23%”. That being said, I think a reasonable approach would potentially be:

200/300 lessons complete
1/5 projects complete

Or a weighted percentage, where completing all of the lessons would put you at, say, 20% completion for the super block, and completing the 5 projects would make up the other 80%.


I very much like this idea.


I think that’s a nice suggestion @nhcarrigan, that would take care of the large time and variance that goes into completing the projects versus lessons that (in my limited experience) don’t tend to vary that much.

I think instead of putting progress, putting an indicator that shows either certification is claimed or ready to be claimed would be better.

Because if you have done like 1 challenges, that could be demotivating.


I’m not sure how this helps solve my original problem of not knowing how many more lessons I had left.

I’m working through the “JavaScript Algorithms…” as we speak. I like to frequently hop out to this page…

…and scroll up and down (I don’t always do them in order) and tally how many lessons left till I hit the projects. Maybe I’m weird that I do this frequently. But seeing any progress gives me a dopamine hit or something and inspires me to continue.

What you asked may be added as an option for page view actually.

I mean optional for every account.

Ah, like toggle visibility or something?

For example, there is a night mode in the settings, there can be another button activating showing progress.

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Yeah, that would work!

I’m not sure if adding a toggle that adds/removes functionality is a good use of development resources. Then you have to maintain the appearance of two different layouts.


you can also do the projects at any point, it’s the only part that you need to do for being able to claim the cert even.

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