New freecodecamp account

I just created a new account but when I try to update my account like filling in my name, my presence in the internet, the system is not saving it. Can anyone help with this problem?

Welcome, rownok.

Are you clicking the Save button, after making changes? Also, could you confirm whether you are talking about the forum platform (here), or the curriculum platform (

If you are, would you mind doing some things to debug the issue:

  1. Disable all browser extensions with access to this webpage
  2. Go to the settings page again, and open the browser devTools (Ctrl + Shift + I)
  3. Make changes, and click Save again
  4. Look for any errors in the console tab of the devTools.

Thanks for the help. I was referring to the curriculum platform. The problem is pretty much solved right now. I just have one small issue. When I am trying to upload my profile picture, instead of displaying my picture, it is showing an image icon. What I did was that I copied the url of my twitter profile picture and pasted the url in the required field. Can you suggest any alternate ways of doing it?

I do not know what you have done, but a common mistake is to link to a webpage, and not an image URL. So, make sure the URL you link to is:
A) Publicly accessible - does not require any login to access
B) Ends with something like .png, .jpg

Otherwise, please be sure to provide as much information as possible for us to help debug:

  • Screenshots of what you are doing
  • Links to what you are trying

Hope this helps