New graduate needing information

I will be graduating in December as a CS Programming Analyst and I would love to get some info about getting my foot in the door. My husband is military and we will be in Boise, ID in December and I would also love to find any specific opportunity in the area. Thank you for any assistance!

I would suggest checking out any tech groups at Meet Up for that area and getting involved, at least online at first. Let your network know (fellow grads, LinkedIn connections, etc) and get them involved. Make sure your portfolio is ready to go, ditto for your github. If possible, do some pro bono work for a non-profit. You can hook up to one through Idealist or the TapRoot foundation. GL!

If you’re at a decent brick-and-mortar school, it should have a career center. I cannot say enough about how much of an under-utilized resource these are. They rarely look impressive but usually contain dedicated staff whose full time jobs are to build industry contacts and help students use them.

When I graduated I looked at my classmates who were on paper nearly identical and the difference between those that graduated without a job offer and those who were deciding between competing offers came down do how proactive they were. Be organized. Know what you want. Have a plan. Don’t wait for something to come to you.