New here! FCC ftw

I’m an IT professional for a small company in Minnesota.

I’m constantly seeking new challenges so I found FCC! I have an associates degree in Computer Science but I’m under the firm understanding if I don’t practice programming I will forget it. So this is my attempt at maintaining as well as getting better at coding.

Thanks for listening!



Hello and welcome - and have fun !

Hi i am new here also. I have never coded before and have a coding class next semester for my engineering degree. Not even sure where to start when it comes to C++.

I’m guessing you’re taking a beginner programming course for C++. You’ll learn variable declaration, logic, loops, searches, arrays, and input/output. How to use them to perform and utilize them. As far as I’ve gotten on FCC it won’t necessarily prepare you for the your C++ class. The more exposure to code the less daunting a newer language seems. In my experience at least.

Hi AndyB-MN. Welcome to FCC! :slight_smile:

Hi no it is a college course for my engineering class i am taking next semester. The book i need is c++ for engineers and scientists but i heard we are programming robots so am wondering what code will be actually used c or c++.