New here. Just saying hi and open to advice

Just wanted to say hello and was curious if anyone had any advice for someone just starting out. I’m kinda at the point where you don’t even know what you don’t know if that makes any sense.

I am a 33 year old equipment mechanic who has worked all my life in hard manual labor and it is starting to show by being on a first name basis with everyone in the chiropractors office among other things. so I am thinking it might be time for a career change. I have always been a tinkerer trying to figure out how things worked, how to fix stuff, build things and learn about new stuff so hoping that coding will kinda go along with that but in more of the digital world.

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Hi @redneckenginenerd welcome to the forums! Hope you find what your looking for :smile:

This is very insightful! Its true there is a lot out there to learn, and more to learn every day. Luckily getting familiar with all of it just takes time and lots of googling :smile:

Those kinds of traits always help. The digital world is different in that there is a lot of stuff to tinker. Luckily tinkering only requires time, grit and an internet connection. Lots of stuff can be learned and used for free (thanks open source), so its easy to get going, and easy to keep going :slight_smile:

Good luck, keep learning and keep building!

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Hey there,

being a tinkerer is an awesome skill!

I would start with FCC and see what you enjoy.

Have fun and keep us posted!

HI @redneckenginenerd !
I’m David- from Israel. I really enjoyed reading your post, because It is similar to what I am now moving trough. I had an affiliate business out there in the Web, and as for now employed on a job that is not that satisfying from the point of view for salary. In the previous time- was a Aicraft technician in the Air Force for almost 8 years

I am a beginner just like you, so don’t think that my remarks are made because of self-praise or anything. On the contrary, I think that I can understand you fully at 100%. I began to learn recently on FCC because of another platform I learning- which is not as detailed as this one, so firstly- you done very good that you start from here.
Second of all- I was “tweaked” by the forum persons- a big shutout to @ilenia- THANK YOU!!
and it corrected my understanding. as for now, I am in the middle of the “responsive Web Design Certification” and my conclusions so far:

  1. Learning trough the challenges is great, and you get familiar with different things and different options of running those.
  2. IMHO ( and please forgive me anyone that reads it, its just my opinion) while getting to the projects in the end of each certification, as for every coder, Google is your best friend. Don’t expect that when you come to a project you will complete it as by typing all from your head, because i think that is very hard to get all the information memorized, you should adopt the Read Search Ask method, there is an article from the FCC it really helped me to organize the process of dealing with future projects.
  3. At first it will be veryyyy slow and even a kind of ordeal for building a site, but with time passes, you will see that more and more stuff residues in your brain.

These are my conclusions so far- I really hope I helped you in a someway or to any other that reading this post. The coding journey is interesting and anyone can make it- I came from different area of knowledge- I was a Christian tour guide here, but in everchanging COVID times and so on I decided to hop on the train of coding.

Feel free to contact me in private or via any other communication options, Ill be glad to help in what I can.

TOO MUCH LETTERS :rofl: :rofl:

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Thanks everyone for the encouragement and advice. Was kinda lost on trying this out was thinking for some reason I had to try to remember it all as I go and not use google and such and it wasn’t sticking. Also trying to listen to coding podcast while at work and was maybe understanding one word in ten. But ya going to start using google more and just keep plugging away on here and on some learn to code apps whenever I have some time.