New hire challenges and experience

Anyone here is willing to share your story or experience and challenges when you landed your first job.

Be ready to be overwhelmed. As ready as you think you are, there are probably 100 things you haven’t learned. Make a list as you go of things to learn better. Be humble about it but also remember that most of the people there were once in your shoes.

Try to find a balance between “I’m going to figure this out on my own” and reaching out for help. You don’t want continually to waste time trying to figure something out that someone else could explain in 2 minutes. But you also don’t want to be continually bugging other people - they are trying to be productive too.

Accept that you won’t be very productive at first. It will take a while to really understand the stack and the product. Unless you are unlucky, your team will understand this.

Get in the habit of homework. If your product relies heavily on a certain library, make a habit of spending 30 minutes at night reading through the docs. Just make that a habit. I was able to get some positive attention at my first job because we were using a new testing suite and I went home and over the span of a few weeks, became something of the local guru on it. Learn about their flavor of agile, basic dev ops, etc. Even things like basic JS - I can’t tell you how many developers I run into that thing that misunderstand some basic JS, React, etc. Learn these things and your tech stack.

If you haven’t worked on a team before, that can take some getting used to.

Just be humble, be patient. remember that mistakes do a lot of damage - an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure - it’s better to take a little longer and be bug free. This is especially important when you’re starting out. Be humble - don’t be “that guy” that comes in in the first week and starts telling everyone the “right” way to do things.

And remember to have fun. It will be a lot of stress at first, but remember that it will get easier and basically we get paid a lot of money to solve puzzles all day.


I’m happy to talk about my experiences when I got my first job and/or when I’ve been a new hire at subsequent jobs. Do you have any specific questions?

I just want to know the challenges that you encountered during the first month. Did you get overwhelmed?

Yes. It’s always extremely overwhelming to start a new job, with a new team and new legacy code. I tell people to expect to feel exhausted and confused for at least the fist 100 days.