New Horizon Tribute Page

Hi all,

I’ve just completed my Tribute page for New Horizon. I’ve been out of this game for 10+ years and am looking to career change back into IT. Life circumstances meant I had to come out of the industry but I’m now back in a position to get back into it.

i’ve kept the project fairly simple to get back into the swing of things.

Many Thanks


I would just add some<h2> besides <h1 class="text-center title-text">New Horizons</h1> to let the user know whats all about “new horizons” project(just as a hint). Don’t imagine that every user heard about this project, including myself, and if i go myself searching for more info on the subject the link to For more information on New Horizons please click here becomes useless.

You did a good job with making it mobile responsive.

Thank you for the feedback, I have added an ‘about’ section to the top of the page to introduce what new horizon is all about.