New HTML/CSS Skewed project

I have come a long way since I first started coding about a month ago. Right now I am learning Javascript for the majority of my week but I decided to build at least one HTML/CSS project a week to keep me fresh in those two languages.

Here is my recent project that messes with skewed, fixed, transform, and @media queries!

Also, I just want to thank FreeCodeCamp for starting me down this path, because I absolutely love it and I can’t wait to start applying for my first coding job in the near future.

I would love constructive criticism, inputs, ideas, or whatever that comes to mind!

Silas Huereca

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Great work!

I find the code clean and the site well structured.
The comments I would have are:

  • the classes box1 box2 box3 do the same job. May be just use class box on the 3 places
  • the font size or color of the contact link in the top right is not very readable in my opinion
  • The background colors are both dark. Unless it’s the effect you are after I would experiment with different color combinations. For this I like this site for inspiration Flat UI

Solid work!!!
keeep it up :wink:

First, thank you for the feedback! I really appreciate it.

Second, I completely forgot about using the same class for all 3 boxes lol
But the rest is very understandable. I definitely need to work on my color combinations and what font sizes are appropriate to use.

Thanks for sharing the link! I will save it to my list of resources to go to.

Thanks again for the solid feedback and I will! :slight_smile:

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nice job, i’m still in the early stages. I like your work.