New in this environment but putting all my time into learning the skill

Hi, My name is Monteveeno Valentine.

I am a noob as most people would say obtain a bachelor’s degree in computer science at Uopeople and I am also “self-taught”, So far I know the basics of python and today I spent most of my time on FCC to gain knowledge on the web development course. I have watched youtube videos and read many books about coding but once I put my mind to it, it became like a flow of understanding. This is my first year in this environment and I am looking for a mentor who is working on projects to give me advice and tips on how to do things in web development. I also never went for a coding interview as I was stuck with a resume full of call center jobs. I have been curious about the fact of getting a job in coding and what does it take a beginner to become successful in this area, I have read stories on the forum but I want to be a step ahead all the time so that I may prepare myself.