New JavaScript curriculum

Any updates on when the JavaScript curriculum will be coming out or how it’s progressing? The last update I could find on it was over here.

I recently finished RWD and started the current JS curriculum, but I’m finding the change of format to be really jarring, and I’m finding it harder to retain and synthesize concepts when they’re presented as a series of discrete challenges, rather than interrelated steps in a single, cumulative project. I’d love to continue with the project-based learning approach, and if the new curriculum is coming out soon, I’d consider waiting for it.

Alternatively, if it’s still being tested and you all could use a guinea pig who is an authentic dumdum at JS, let me know!

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It’s going to be a while still, even for testing from beginners, it’s still being developed


Ah, alright, I suppose I’ll continue with the old curriculum then. Thank you for the response!

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