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Hello Community,
Something happened in my life and it forces me to manage more earning ASAP. Nothing I could found except working as a Web Developer.

So, here the fact, already I have completed some course on JavaScript and I want to be an expert within ASAP. For this, I need more and more practice. So, Experts are please help me to find or suggest something where I can live practice enrich my skills.

Thanking advance for helping.



Anything where you can become an “expert” ASAP is not going to pay anything. Programming is hard and it takes time. If you worked very hard, non-stop for 5 years and you are very gifted, you might start getting close to being an expert in JS. 10 years would probably be more reasonable.

There are a lot of good jobs out there for web development. But it can take anywhere from 6 months to 3 years to develop the needed skills - depending on your aptitude, the work you put in, and the level that is expected for your first job. You would not be an “expert” but you would be potentially employable. There is no hard and fast rule. The only constant is that it almost always takes longer than people think/hope it will.

I’m not saying that to discourage you, just to help you find some reasonable expectations. If you think you are going to work hard for a few months and land a dream job, that’s highly unlikely.

As to becoming an “expert” in JS, I would say that if you can get through books like the YDKJS series and JavaScript Allongé and understand them completely, when you have an extensive knowledge of and experience with a JS front end with some view engine (like React or Angular) and their common supporting libraries … and/or have a an extensive knowledge of and experience with a Node back end and supporting technologies (Express, etc., passport, sockets, etc., and how to integrate SQL and noSQL DBs), then you’re getting closer. I don’t see how that could possibly be ASAP, unless we’re measuring that in years.


Hello Mr. Smith,

Thanks for your prompt reply and so enlighten information whats really really help me to focus on what need to do. I must follow your every word and I always consider as a mentor of mine.

So, many many thanks again.

K. M.

I agree with @kevinSmith. It will take lots of time and effort, but you must keep going. Everyone can code but that doesn’t mean everyone will. You have to beat all the frustrations that come along the way and keep going, you need to have realistic expectations as far as getting a job because it takes skills that you build with time and practice.
An advice that I could give you is that you can study and make projects on the side. It will help you get a better understanding of the concepts and show potential employers your skills. As a beginner is hard to think of projects but you can start with really simple ideas and in the future you can polish them and add new features. If you like algorithms you could solve one and add html and css. For example, let’s say that you solve this one: Roman Numeral Converter. You can add html so the user enters the number and it will show them the result in roman numbers, and you can add some css so it looks good.
Don’t give up and keep coding!


I think @kevinSmith is right about the time it takes to become an expert.

I’m not an expert, but I can make the screen change colours with mouse clicks! :slight_smile:
I’ve been hooked into those online courses that claim to “turn a beginner into a master”, but I’m not convinced that they do, and one course had nothing about working with dates and times nor regular expressions! You just end up hearing about the same things but with a different voice.

As much as I hate courses that just console.log(everything); spend some time with console.dir(as_much_as_you_can_handle) to find out what attributes, methods, and other useful values your variables have that you can make use of in your web applications. MDN and Stack Overflow are your friends. Pay attention to the posted dates on Stack Overflow; some of the results can be old.

I’ve learned things not taught on courses by searching for what it is I want to do with an app, like ‘how to highlight selected text using JavaScript’. Trying to create something new yourself will force you to expand you knowledge beyond a beginner JavaScript course.

‘asap’ is one of those words that sometimes makes me chuckle. It reminds me of a recent student of mine who always told me that she would submit her work ‘asap’. The thing is, it was seemingly never possible soon. She submitted her work after the deadline. Of course, she failed her assignment. The point of writing about that is that asap may not always happen when you expect or want it to.

Keep moving forwards and think of your own ideas if you can. Ask friends what they would like an app to do, and then try to build it. After all of that, you may end up with a portfolio that does not include a calculator, tic-tac-toe, a to-do list, and a drum machine.

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Brilliant words my man.