New job for me!

Just got an amazing job in the UK, Doncaster (it seems to be Robin Hood’s area, lol) and earning what I wouldn’t dare to dream!
My sincere thanks to freeCodeCamp, especially for the portfolio I am building, the resume tips, and also a very pleasant time. I still intend to finish at least my FrontEnd certificate and next week I’ll have more than enough time to continue my Canvas adventure in the Pomodoro clock.

What I think is missing is a place to drop improvement suggestions … or maybe I didn’t find the proper place. I do think some basic theory is missing from the course like Hoisting or when does JS instantiates variables by reference or by value.

Best regards,


Congratulations! I hope you’ll still hang around FCC when you can and share your professional perspective with the community.

As far as your comment about suggestions goes, depending on the type of improvement you would like to recommend you can raise the issue here on the forums using the “meta” category or you can open a GitHub issue. Since this is an open source project, you can also be a contributor and make your suggestion a reality.

I didn’t get a new job, it was a fraud that I’ve noticed as soon as they asked me money to join the “company”.
After a 5 minutes research I’ve found this from the company I was thinking was contacting me.
May it serve as a warning that job seekers are becoming the new target of frauds.
Best regards,

Sorry to hear that. Keep working hard though, I’m sure a real one will come along in due time.

Well that’s definitely valuable info right there !