New keyword vs Object.create() method

If I choose to use the Object.create() method to create an instance instead of using the new keyword, does it mean that the instance won’t get a copy of the own properties in the constructor function?

function Animal() {
  this.numLegs = 2

Animal.prototype = {
  constructor: Animal,
  eat: function() {
    console.log("nom nom nom");

let duck = Object.create(Animal.prototype)
let beagle = new Animal

console.log(duck.numLegs)      // undefined
console.log(beagle.numLegs)   // 2
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This the same as new Animal() (you get the exact same type of object created), except that it isn’t going to execute the constructor. There is no call to do that, and the only way you can assign numLegs to your new object at initialisation time is if you execute the constructor function

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