New layout of freeCodeCamp became uneasy to navigate

New layout looks very very cool and stylish. However; it is not comfortable to navigate between topics.
My point is that when I want to go to older section or a challenge, I have to click each section scroll down the introduction sections and find what I need. Old layout was easy to navigate.
It became time consuming when it comes to scrolling and finding what you are looking for.
You might think that it is not a big deal to scroll 5 or 10 secs, but I think that these seconds might feel longer when you are in a hurry.


I agree with you, I thought the same. Ithink they should hide the introductions for easier navigation


Thanks for your feedback.

We have added a new breadcrumb atop each challenge to get back to the certification page and we are discussing a form of auto-scroll here to improve the fluidity of navigation further:

You can follow the conversation here:


I completely agree with this. I like the new design but I really want the curriculum section to behave as it used to earlier. As navigating to the different sections needs extra effort now.

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I agree but I don’t like the new menu/curriculum design. I like new stuff, and some piece of this design, but not for curriculum.

Before, it was accessible from 1 click, now 2.
Before, I could see almost every Sections of the curriculum, and develop the one I wanted, now I have to scroll those big square blocs.
Before, I could click on the section I want, and it stayed on the same page. Now it sends me to a new one, having this instant blink, not comfortable.
Before I could quickly see where I still have lessons to take, the numbers, now I have to scroll and scroll all the way down, to go back for example to the challenge section. With a lot of text everywhere describing each part of a section.

Too much info/text everywhere. Too much scrolling. Too many clicks.

Kind of disappointed :frowning:

I’m on a laptop, I don’t want to have a menu button to add more layer to where I wanna go…
And the breadcrumb, when clicking, should send us directly to the lesson level in the certification screen, because we have to scroll all over again and find where we are.

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Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts.

This piece is being discussed and evaluated for potential implementation :slightly_smiling_face: