New Lessons Website not Mobile Friendly as before

Let me first say how happy I am with the new and improved website. I have had a lot of difficulty moving beyond the Front End Certificate, but now finally I can start learning React through freecodecamp.

My problem is that I used to be able to solve challenges on the go, because the website was mobile friendly. The lesson, challenge, and browser view were stacked on top of each other, rather than side by side as in the desktop, which is not usable on a mobile.

If you could fix this issue for mobile users, that would be fantastic as it would dramatically increase my learning pace. I tried disabling the flexbox css, fixing the editor’s height, and it gave me the desired layout, so I hope it is not too hard to implement as well.

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The decision was made to push the update as soon as the new curriculum and re-architected application were ready. There will be lots of improvements to the UI coming. Because these changes don’t impact core functionality, those changes can be rolled out incrementally. I know that the lack of mobile support is super frustrating. It’s a definitely important to FCC that people be able to access the curriculum on small devices. Thank you for your patience.

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Cool, Thanks for letting me know!