New pages are not working

The New pages aren’t working… I dont understand this new format, is it just me or does freecodecamp not work when you submit changes?

Can you be more specific? Which pages?

Explain what you mean by freecodecamp does not work when you submit changes?

Hi Randel,

Nice to meet you. I have been a student for almost a year.

In the new format, every time I submit a change, it doesn’t let me know if i was wrong or right. All that it says in the center bottom box is that “/ / running tests” but it doesn’t say testing complete or if you got it right or not. Previously, in the other version, when you got it wrong, it would highlight the tests that you failed in the column so that you knew where you went wrong. I have a feeling that the tests aren’t running properly and this needs to be looked at.

Have other people experienced this as well?

If you can take a screenshot of a specific example of what you are seeing that would help. With the new version of FCC, it still has a section below the the Run the Tests button which will show a green circle with a white check mark if the test passes or will show a white X in a grey circle if it passes the particular test. See below for an example.

The section below the code editor is currently only showing tests which fail, but I know it is being worked on currently, so expect that section to show you more in the near future.

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Here is an example; from the html section in the beginning. I submitted it at 11.50pm but at 11.53, its till telling me that its running tests.

What browser are you using?

currently, I am using Internet explorer… but I have been using it for months and its always worked for me.

The new FCC site works best with Chrome and not well with Microsoft Edge or Explorer. The new site is using JavaScript features that Microsoft never added to Explorer and has yet to add to Edge.

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Thanks, I’ll try that.