New Portfolio Critique

I’m working on a new portfolio site as I get ready to actively start searching for my first developer job. I’m looking for feedback on how my new site looks.

It’s a work in progress and some stuff still isn’t done (form isn’t hooked up yet, the images need to be resized, blog isn’t set up yet, etc…), but overall how does it look? What could be better?

I’m having a tough time getting the images to look good. Anybody have any advice on responsive images?

So, looks good. Here’s my take:

  1. Sans-serif fonts work best on screens. I think you were going for a code feel, which is good as an accent.
  2. Add a dropdown effect to the mobile menu and a scroll effect to the menu links. I think it would really improve your site.
  3. For the images, you are on the right track. Maybe try popup modals?
  4. The about me section should center on mobile.
  5. i wouldn’t put a border on the mobile menu. Also, put a home link in the menu.
    Great job, though. Good luck!
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Hey man, it looks really good. One thing that I’ve noticed is that every project link opens the same project. I agree with the previous comment that it would be nice to implement smooth scrolling. And don’t forget to fix header links to site’s sections… About responsive images and generally all CSS stuff, check out css-tricks. Cheers :smiley: