New portfolio page, constructive feedback?

Hey there, I just completed my portfolio page. For some reason I’ve been putting off this project…for like a year…Anyway, I finally felt like doing it today, so I busted it out. Here’s the link:
Comments / constructive criticism are welcome. Thanks!

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Looks good. Just stylistically, I might round some of those corners on this images and icons - a pet peeve of mine.

I like the look of it. It has a modern feel. I would recommend adding links in each section that take you up to the top, or have a sticky nav bar.

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Good suggestion about the links, thanks!

Have you tried using a validator?

I think you can ignore the error about the | character being illegal in the <link>'s href attribute, since there’s nothing you can do about it.

I’d personally use a placeholder image with some text in it, just to be clear that the squares are indeed placeholders. You can easily get them from

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Interesting, the link is a direct paste from I use a linter when writing code but I haven’t bothered with it for html. I should probably do that. Thanks for the head’s up.

I’ll be replacing those placeholder images soon. =)

I like the look! Other than that, maybe it’s just me but the background image took a bit to load; not sure if this is a x-large image getting resized down considerably, or if the rendering time is intentional, just pointing it out as it’s the first thing I noticed. Other placeholder resources include but aren’t limited to:, and my personal favorite (most of the time)

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Yes, the image takes some time to load. I wanted it to be nice and sharp so it’s kind of big. I’m not sure if I can optimize such a big image to load more quickly.

There are a few things you can do, resizing of course being one of them. But for brevity’s sake, this resource - - can help a lot, it will regenerate your image into a file of a much smaller size whilst preserving aspect ratio.

I copied your image which in its original file size is ~3.48MB and it returned a file of ~1.16MB. I then did some stare & compare and really there isn’t any glaringly discernable difference between the original and the regenerated version.

Thanks, I optimized that image. A lot better now.