New portfolio page - feedback please before it goes LIVE

Hey all

Please just some feedback on my Portfolio project, I created this using the BETA FCC, I enjoy using flexbox seemed to have made my designing better. I have ALWAYS struggled artistically. I am quite proud of the outcome, not used Boostrap or any frameworks, pure CSS and HTML.

Feedback please, I am planning on using it and showing it to possible employers.

I know the CSS is messy and I will clean it up.

Be brutally honest please. Gone for a clean but retro look.


See the Pen Portfolio Page by jamie (@jamiemufu) on CodePen.

**updated link""

I like the concept a lot, it reminds of the Los Ageless video by St. Vincent. The contrast between the colors would be too hard to read without the shadows. I think the shadows on the big text look good but personally, the shadows on the smaller text elements doesn’t seem right to me. Here’s a cool website someone passed on to me here that helps check color contrasts

All the best!

Thanks for the feedback, currently updating it now, I will play around with the constrasts. Thanks alot!!

I have some feedback, but I’m not 100% sure if it’s in your code or not. I’ve viewed the page on chrome and firefox mobile, and your page freezes for 20 seconds or so each time I try to click a link in your nav bar.

The “contact” links to “show all” projects button, but I’m guessing thats where you will put your contact form later. The “about” doesn’t do anything when I click it. I’m not trying to be harsh, just point out some things from my end.

Im still working heavily on it as we are speaking, might be why it is slow:slight_smile:

Thanks for your feedback, I should re-name the about link because its just the splash page showing my name!

Thanks for your feedback!

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I’m not sure you need to rename the about. It seems it’s just the fact that the splash page isn’t responsive, so it doesn’t scale for mobile devices. Out of my own curiosity, I looked at your site on a iPhone X and a pixel 2, and get the same thing on both.

Ok thanks, I think I know what you mean now, please try again, been playing around the flexboxes I have and added a form at the bottom, everything should be responsive now, if not it might be a cross browser issue that I need to use webkits for. Also added a entire new about page.

Thanks for feedback so far. Also added a 1px text-shadow so hopefully fonts should be reading a bit better now!

The only thing I am not entirely happy with is my project section, looks cheap and nasty, I am struggling design wise how to keep it simple and in theme. Any suggestions?

Your project section pretty much looks like mine (as far as layout). IMO, the only thing that would make it look better might be an auto slider or scroller.

After looking at your site on a laptop, it looks good. Have you checked out your site in debug mode? I’m seeing a broken pic in about me section. I tried to look at the pic, and I got a 403 error from google. You might need to use dropbox or something for hosting.