New Portfolio Site Feedback

I’ve really upgraded my skills and made some new projects. So I decided to make a new portfolio site to showcase them. My old site had to much extra baggage and looked amateur. This time I decided to go minimalist and professional looking.

Pardon the long load time. Free hosting on heroku allows the app to go to sleep.

Any feedback on how I could strengthen my odds of getting a job would be greatly appreciated.



All I can say is that it looks awesome.

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The site looks great on a large screen device, but on mobile, your project section should have more than just text and a link to the project. Also, if you are want to use this site to attract potential employers, take it off heroku and put it on your own server which will prevent the long load times. Also, I suggest have a separate link on each project to the actual code (i.e. github repository).

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Thank you @RandellDawson for your feedback. Yeah I need to beef up the mobile look for the project section. It looks so bland. The separate link for the code is a great idea and I’ll definitely implement that. I’ll definitely think about different hosting options because I feel the long initial load is definitely a turn off off/annoyance to employers.

Thank you @Sandris. Your compliment really feels good after working hard on it.

Looks good overall. Clean minimalist design.

Only major issue for me is your About page gets cut off on my Macbook Pro Retina screen and I can’t even scroll down to see the text that is cut off :

Also, the picture not being lined up with the text looks a little odd.

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I also notice you have a project entitled “Clothing Ecommerce Website”, yet when I visit the project, all of the links just refresh the page and I don’t see a way of actually adding items to the shopping cart. I would think twice about calling an eCommerce site unless it really functions as one. It is more of a concept landing page for a shopping site.

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Thanks @Nicknyr I think I may have fixed the issue. Thanks for the spot.