New Project Done!

Hi everyone!! I just finish my new project!!
This project is the most difficult for me so far!!!

I will not ask something you can’t do.I will just ask you If you can take a look in my Random Quote Machine!!

I know may you find grammar mistakes but I only want to tell me my code mistakes

Click the link and go to my project:

Thank you for your time.

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Well it works so congratulations! I can’t say too much negative about the functionality of the website however make sure you add a :hover selector that sets the cursor to a pointer for both your twitter and “next quote” and maybe even a transform:scale to really urge the user to push the buttons.

Yes, i know this is nitpicking and UI/UX isn’t at the forefront of this project but i would argue that getting the user to engage with your call-to-action (generating a new quote) is part of the functionality.

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Thank you for your comment but please can you explain to me these line with more easy words?

Sure! In fact, i’ll answer it with a question.

How do i know that the twitter and next-quote buttons are clickable? They could just be decoration and have no interactive qualities. To fix this, we either use animation (the transform:scale) OR a visual cue (the cursor:pointer).

Try typing a reply and then hovering over the “Reply” or “Cancel” buttons and you’ll see what i mean. Both the color changes (animation) and the cursor changes (visual cue) to suggest that both of these are able to be interacted with.

Ohh yes!! Thank you so much for your explaration!!

(Sorry for my late answer I wasn’t home):sweat_smile: