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Hello :slight_smile:

I am totally new at programming, and wanted some advice.
I want to create a program using the google maps api. It consits in building a program around the localisation.

I wanted to know what is the adequate programming language to use?

Thanks in advance for your answer :slight_smile:

Hi @inoxstasy
Welcome to FCC (FreeCodeCamp) !
I wanted to ask you; is there anything specific that you are planning to build?
Are you trying to build something where it will ask the user to confirm location?

if you want to create a web app you need to start with html/css and javascript and depending on how complex you want it to be, you need to also learn a framework

otherwise, what do you want to create?

Hi :slight_smile:
Thanks for your answer.
Yes, and I want to build an algorithm around maps or the location of the person

Have you tried HTML Geolocation ?

Hey :slight_smile:
Thanks for your answer.

Ok thank you for your insight.
I wanted to build an algorithm that depends on maps and the location of the person, would that be possible with javascript or an other language?

No I have not tried anything at the moment was just wondering what language was the best in order to start learning and create this algorithm !

HTML Geolocation should β€œdo the trick” for you

I looked and indeed it should work, it seems to be linked to JavaScript. I already know HTML and CSS you reckon I should start JavaScript ?

That is your next step.

Ok thank you very much for your help :slight_smile:
Will get back to you when I succeed!

Looking forward helping you more if needed!

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