New projects to explore

i’m on responsive web design projects and i’m finding myself learning from their source code A LOT (after i finish my own project of course).
so the Q , how can i find more of there, is there a collection “thing” like a github repo or a similar website with gold( idea + source code ) in it?

The sample projects are not answers, they’re not gold. They were created by fallible humans like you and I and show one way the different projects can be completed.

If you’d like to see how others have done the projects you can look at the #project-feedback subforum. Campers completing the projects submit them and ask for feedback.
You can do the same with your projects too.

dude, i meant as a inspirational way not cheat-sheets.
i can’t rely on tutorials for ever , i want to know what experts are actually doing with these technologies(real world implementation). project feedback is not for “pros”, that’s not a good place to get to know new stuff. as a moderator you shouldn’t treat people this harsh.
P.S. i want the source codes for learning industry’s good habits plus in case in couldn’t figure out how they’re written.

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That was what I thought you meant. And I meant that to see additional “inspirations” you could view what others have done, not just the sample projects.

Well in most shops, no code goes to production without going through a peer review so, yeah, feedback is important.

I apologize if anything I said you thought was harsh.


You can browse other projects on CodePen, if you like. Looking how other people have solved the same projects, as @Roma suggested, is also a really good way to get additional perspectives on the challenges.


I imagine you are asking about some websites already being used by users… there is not much. HTML is not used on its own to write a website. A framework is usually used to dinamically create the html, or also drag-and-drop building tools for simple stuff.

Those make the source code seen when you inspect a page weird and complex, and the code in which the website is written is React or Angular, for which you need to learn JavaScript and then React or Angular to understand

Maybe browse pens, you should find plenty of examples of what can be done with html

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