New React native Developer

It has been an adventure but, almost a month ago I won an award for a mobile app development hackathon, organized in my country Ghana. We are now in incubation to build the prototype. It is a blood donation app. And we are supposed to use React Native. So the incubation is for 8 weeks and I have started with my journey of learning to react-native within this period to build this prototype. I hope it is visible. Wish me good luck. And I will be updating my progress as I go along.
Yesterday I was down. After winning $10000 dollars for the production of our mobile application and building it in the form of a startup. We are told that the cheque was for photo ops and we are getting nothing, not even laptop for coding, So the incubation is just for them teaching us about design thinking, That’s all and oh I forgot, feeding us.
So now I just have to dig in and finish building the app. After am done I will start applying for jobs.


Good Luck! Sounds like an amazing app!

Thanks for the feedback. I hope it all goes as planned

Great work! That’s amazing.

I wish your project great success and that you make a positive impact on others lives with it!

Thanks, We did our app flow chart and block diagram and it wasn’t easy. We also had one of the heads of IBM of Africa passing by to have a look at our progress and motivate us. It has not been easy but I know with the help of this forum we will reach there.

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