New registrations are not allowed from your IP address

I was signing up normally with my email and username but it gave me this warning: “New registrations are not allowed from your IP address.” So i used github tu sign up. But i just want to learn why this happened?

Hi @vikef

Thanks for reporting this, we have recently updated our infrastructure and it came with a few limitations, we are working hard to get this resolved as best and as soon as we can. You are welcome to follow our progress on the the issue thread here:

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I get a “You are not allowed to sign in from this IP address” when logging into the forums. It is a similar error message, but lacks the “New registrations”. I have found that after typing in my email and password and submitting it, I get the message. My email and password text that I enter doesn’t reset, it is still there after my submission is rejected. What I do is I keep submitting it and eventually it lets me in. I may have to submit it 10 to 15 times, but I get in eventually.

I have had to do this each time I sign into the forums. So it has worked for me about 8 times.

It would be pretty neat if you guys posted what exactly fixed this issue. I would be interested. I wonder if it was anything to do with a comparison of the IP address not matching a gps location…I sign in here at home and at work 60 miles away, also I sign in with my phone’s hot spot and then the wifi at my job. I get the same message at both locations however.

this is written in the github issue linked above:


We recently moved over our servers to a different infrastructure with the new platform roll out earlier last week. As a consequence, your IP addresses are masked by our CDN servers from the forum.

During peak usage, this means the forum sees this as too many sign in requests from the same IPs which belong to our CDN servers.

This is a false positive.

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