New Responsive Web Design vs Legacy Responsive Web Design

Okay, Okay, I know that everyone has this question but I really need an answer to this. Which one is better, the new Responsive Web Design or the Legacy Responsive Web Design. When I tried out the new one, I saw a few more things there. So is the new one have the latest technology? Does it tell more about HTML and CSS? Thanks for answering, you response is really appreciated!

Also, please don’t give me the link to what Quincy said or what @nhcarrigan said.


New one has all the the ideas of the old plus some (more than some) new concepts.

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Each is a completely different approach to teaching the same concepts. The legacy version explains more of the WHY and the newer version focuses on the WHAT and HOW. The newer version focuses more on repetition of implementing the same concepts throughout and between steps of a project vs. the legacy version which spends a lot of the time teaching things in a vacuum and does not show you how the concept being taught fits into the greater scheme of things.

The newer curriculum takes the feedback from the old version (that there was too much text and information) and focuses on what you need to know to solve a very small part of a problem while building a full blown web page. The legacy version showed you various pieces of a puzzle but never let you see the finished version of the puzzle if you know what I mean.

I do believe the newer version does give you much more real-life usage of HTML and CSS, but leaves it up to you to do your own research on the WHY somethings are used vs. others.


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