New responsive website design challenge no 43

cant understand why my code is rising an error ,i tried

<input type="radio">Indoor

can anyone help what is the problem here

When you paste code make sure you use three backticks before and after the code block so that the code can be seen.

Code with backticks:

<h1>This is a heading</h1>

Code without backticks(`):

This is a heading

It would be good if you post the challenge link too.
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You have the input correct. However, your issue lies in the use of < button >.

<input type="radio">

Is already implied as a form of button so the use of < button > is not necessary here. The only time you should use the button element is when you are creating something like a submit or reset button.

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thank you for the help

thank you for the help it worked thanks a lot…><

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