New section for newcomers?

Hello world!!!

Greetings to you all… :slight_smile:

This is my first post here, and I have one question/suggestion to make.

I know there is great amount of us, campers, that are introverts and don’t like any public exposure. But being introvert or not, I think here, on this forum, should exist one more category/sub-forum for introducing ourselves, new campers. I think this really can give great start with this community, as (many) developers are pretty open minded and willing to share…

I’m thinking about introducing myself in General section. Good or bad idea?

(excuse me for my English, it’s not my native language)

All the best…

A post was merged into an existing topic: Welcome to freeCodeCamp’s forum

I have moved your introduction to the appropriate thread.

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Thank you.

I really was unaware of that thread. Thanks.