New Study/Support group

Hi @TheFool. I’ve aleredy been on FCC … dropped :frowning:. And now again :slight_smile: I want to take my chance. It’s very important to have people with the same intereste with you. Looking forward to join the group.

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Hi. If it is not too late, I would like to join this group. I started the freeCodeCamp curriculum in 2018 and have been working on and off since then. My goal is to completing JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures certificate.

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@arun23 , You are in ! Please watch out for Tuesday’s announcement. Watch this video to learn git faster :

@zener , Welcome ! Please watch out for Tuesday’s announcement. Watch this video to learn git faster :

@LindaSteed , Welcome ! You are not late ! Please watch out for Tuesday’s announcement. Watch this video to learn git faster :

let me know how to join in. Very much interested. Thanks

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I’ve peeked at it and my evening singing is canceled for bad weather so can peek more tonight!
Also my codepen version of my project seems to have decided it can’t look at other .js files (it did until now and it’s still in the settings – obviously I should have forked when I started figuring out trying to do it on one page … )… so that seems a good reason to just move over and figure out atom…

@vlausell , You are in ! Watchout for tomorrows (Tuesday) announcement. Watch this video to learn git faster :

Tuesday Morning Friends,
I am sending you PMs one by one because there is no group messaging capability on my account on this forum yet. So please bear with me :slight_smile: . In order to complete the task you only need to be able to use the git bash commands like, git clone, add, status, commit, push and pull requests. Using the GitHub GUI is frowned upon in the softdev world. The command line is always faster and powerful. So this is your chance to start getting comfortable with it if you are not already.
And as always…

                    Start 'Knowing' to Stay Crazy !
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So you couldn’t put it somewhere and link to it? (I’m going to try to get to it but it might not happen today - there’s a webinar I need to prepare to be an active participant in about math and equity ;))

@geonz , If I put it somewhere and link to it you wont learn anything. Everyone knows how to click on a link but we are wannabe software developers so we should start doing what they do everyday. Please click this link (no pun intended :slight_smile: ) 3 Things to do to become a Software developer

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Hi Friends , To make things easier please PM me your GitHub username so I will add you as a collaborator. You will receive an email invitation. But if you chosen to list your email public on GitHub I wont be able to find you with user name. Please check your GitHub settings.

Thank you for these videos. I’ve been having trouble getting my terminal to recognize my git folder. I somehow overlooked these videos. I think this will help…tomorrow.

Congratulations to all the people who solved the first problem of pushing to the Repo ! You are problem solvers, You just solved your own software problem. If you keep at it, you will soon be able to solve other people’s software problems and get PAID for it ! Those who are still trying, Dont quit ,keep at it and you will get there.

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I have used git quite a bit on my own but have not any experience forking and accepting forks etc

@PaulAyling , Its easy because you already know git. Watch this 18 minute video to learn it faster

Hi TheFool!
I am trying to push my friends.txt file using git push -u origin TeresaBranch,
however I get this
“ERROR: Permission to TheFoo1/tomfoolery.git denied to viteresa.
fatal: Could not read from remote repository.”
Can you help me please? thank you!

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Hi @viteresa , Please check your inbox for my PM.

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Hello @TheFool
Does the study group still exist?