New Survey Form

I made a copy of your project but included the test suite so you can run the assertion tests. You may fork this if you like - nothing else is changed so it is all your work.

You clearly understand what the HTML5 forms api offers the developer. You might want to explore some of the typography styling options and responsive qualities made available with CSS too.

A few critical observations…

  • You could clean up a few spelling errors and some minor mistakes that keep your form from passing all the tests. Nothing major - missing or misspelled id names - these will show up in the test results.
  • There are also a few spelling errors in your label text.
  • You might consider a bit of space between each of your questions. It would make it clear where one question ended and the next started. Aligning the questions with the answers (checkboxes and radio buttons) would help here too.
  • A placeholder attribute would be more convenient than the hardcoded prompt that has to be deleted by the user. Use your other input elements as an example.
  • You should consider styling the number input field so that the placeholder text is fully visible.
  • Your form did not have any responsive qualities. It could be reconfigured at smaller screen size to better fit the available area.

That said, clean up a few typos and you will have a form that fulfills the requirements and passes all the tests.