New Survey Form!

This is a new survey form and I belive is better than the other one.Tell your opinion for this page.And I want to tell me if i have mistakes.This is the link:

Thank you.

There are still improvements to be made like:

  1. Get rid of the white space above the title.
    You can do that by changing margin: 2em auto; you have in .text-box to margin: 0 auto; and apply a padding to the header like:
 header {
  padding: 2em 0;
  1. get rid also of the white space at the bottom of the page by adding to the body a height: 100%;
  2. I would change the font color to something more visible on that darker background
  3. Check all your labels they have a for attribute pointing to the same id name of your corresponding input/select/radio/checkboxes etc

Happy coding

Thank you for helping.But I want this background and I don’t think that is problem.

Take a look at this forked codepen to seewhat i meant.

I cllick it but again I don’t see any different is the background of Spotify.

Have you seen the white spaces at the top and bottom of the page before applying the code at point 1 and two in my above post?

omg I am stupid.Yes I correct that and now this haven’t white space at the top and bottom of the page.Sorry but I think you tell me for the background photo. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I like the font choice and the styling on your form elements.

Once the page gets narrower than 770px the checkboxes aren’t fitting entirely on the screen. Also, the font color is making it hard to read on top of the background you’ve chosen.