New to bootstrap

My bootstrap code isn’t responding even after adding the link to my code. I downloaded the precompiled folder.
Any help please?

Are you using it in code pen or local?
Show your code would be good.

Please cut and paste the address of your codepen (assuming that’s what you’re using) so we can see exactly what the problem is.

If you are doing it locally, please cut and paste the html, css, and js files into your post. Please precede and follow (on separate lines) three ` chars (```, in the upper left on most keyboards) so it will format nicely.

And please always state exactly what the problem is. We need to know what you’re expecting to happen and how it isn’t happening.

We’re finding this is a thing in the gitter helproom. If you choose the bootstrap default in the settings its using 4.0 now.

Most of what you learned is the earlier/present version of 3.something.something.

You’ll need to go to Bootstrap site and grab the CDN url they recommend and swap it out… if indeed you have the 4 version of Bootstrap, are using CodePen, and are using some of the classes you learned here in fCC.

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Sorry abouabout the late reply. Here’s my code.

Trying to use the dl-horizontal bootstrap class…but it’s not working.

Anybody to help please???

Do you have a codepen?
It looks like the only css style you have on there is dl-horizontal.
Bootstrap requires you to have your content wrapped in div class=container.

First thing is I don’t see a closing </dl> tag… Might be missing it?? or maybe your cut and paste missed including it?

from Bootstrap… format/syntax

<dl class="dl-horizontal">
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Yes…The cut and paste missed the closing tag.

I hate to admit it, but I’ve never heard (and therefore used) a dl dt dd tag. – and Ive been doing html long enough. Learned something new today,

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Not using code pen. Yes I included just the dl-horizontal just to test how my code works… I have also used the container class in some other code and still did not get the result…But will try again on this one and upload.