New To Coding - Career prospects without schooling

I am new to this industry and endeavor.

I am wondering if I can get at least a minimum wage job just starting out in this industry without any schooling or a degree or diploma. Provided, that I show my competence and ability in creating programs from scratch in a portfolio or resume form.

For instance, if I have a resume detailing all the programs I have created or worked on. Is that good enough to land a job or do I need to invest time in a degree, which at this point in my life is not an option, because I do not have the funds.

Thank you.


Yeah, it is possible to get a job without a degree. I’m on my phone, so I can’t write a long reply, but I’d recommend searching on the forum for topics that include the phrase ‘no degree’.

short answer is yes, show what you can do, you can get a job, that doesn’t mean that it is easy, or immediate. Development is one of the few fields where you can break in as self-taught.

look all the other posts in this suborum for personal stories

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Thank you kind sir, much appreciated for your efforts.

Broadly speaking, programming doesn’t have a “low pay for low experience” path to on-the-job developement. I know that other skilled labor jobs have this, especially in craftsman fields with a long tradition of apprenticeship. Programming doesn’t. The closest thing is internships for students which are still more of a “not-great pay for not-much experience” in that they pay more than minimum wage and still require interviews, skills tests, and proof of competency. When you apply for a job, you may not have experience in all of the tools that they use, but you need to be able to prove that you have the skills to do the job.

This is the key. You need to be able to prove through your resume, portfolio, and interview that you have the skills and experience you need. That will not come easily or quickly. Self-teaching means putting in the time, effort, and research to create an education that rivals that of a traditional program.


Thank you very much for this.