New to coding need guidance

i am changing my stream i had studied physics,chem and biology in my 10+2
its been 2 years now i had no luck with medical entrance exams so i decided to switch streams

i have a few questions
what am i supposed to already know before starting coding ?
hardware i need ?
how do you apply for jobs?
scope in India?
how do i get certification ?
is BCA must have for jobs ?

No one could give promises and certain statistics about the possible job you could afford

This is simple, start learning with FCC, we all here to help each other. Soon you will find out if you really like coding or not.

Godd luck

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what i want to know is can i self learn to code or do i need a teacher ?
what min specs of hardware do i need to learn ?
can clear the certification exams with just this or do i need other reference sources? if yes then suggestions.

It really depends dear. programming is a very generic phrase.

If you want to be UX/UI programmer, You may start it very fast without any teacher using FCC, it’s really fun and easy. You also not need a very superb hardware, let say even a 2000 PC could help you start it.

But you want to start programming for clustered/grid GPGPU cloud system, no now you need too much great resources.

About the certs, I suggest you should not be worry and think about it now. Later when you want to get a job, a perfect resume with some live great work is much better than bunch of certificates (certs are important, but not as much as real talent and work level at all)

The best way you may start for now is start with FCC, I believe soon after some months of work on UX/UI you will find your favorite programming scheme/field very easy.

For now, don’t take it very serious dear, just start it with FCC, it’s free, non eed very extreme system, and gives you some good vision about coding very fast.

hey @ninj

Welcome to the community!

I am a beginner like you and I have been coding since January this year and slowly getting the hang of it. I must tell you that this field will test your patience. Anybody can code but not all last because coding can be be very frustrating and overwhelming but just stick with it and don’t give up.

Good luck and happy coding!


it really depends on your style of learning. if you want to get a teacher getting a C.S degree or if you want to fastrack your learning you can enroll into coding bootcamps.

if you want to self teach then this will require a lot of commitment to teaching yourself how to code. in terms of resources there are a ton of great resources in teaching yourself how to code just like FCC.

about certificates, it is too early for you to worry about that. start with learning HTML and CSS first. the best route for you is to start at the very beginning of FCCs curriculum. Also, youtube can also be a great tool in learning to code. for a beginner allow me to recommend newboston’s channel.

good luck to you my friend.