New To Coding: Python & Solidity

Hello, I have been dabbling in YouTube tutorials, and some of the articles here on freecodcamp for about the last 2 weeks. I am a bit stuck on where to go next. I have switched from learning Solidity to Learning Python so I can get the fundamentals down better, as Solidity was a bit confusing at first. Now that I understand some of the basics I was wondering if there was a suggestion of where to go next. I am starting my first project today, just being a little indecisive about what to start. I am pretty lost tbh, which is why I finally got the nerve to reach out.
I have done a 4 hour python introduction, Automate the easy stuff, as well as some random articles.
I am interested in creating bots that will help make my online business building faster, as well as eventually coding NFT back end and other blockchain type projects. Also interested in machine learning and bots that python will allow me to build. All over the place… I know.

I mean, generally you can chose whatever project you feel motivated to do and start doing that and learn on the way.

If you are interested in machine-learning then the FCC curriculum goes into that. Depending on your Python-knowledge you might either start with the first Python course (Scientific Computing) and go down the Curriculum from there - or just skip to whatever sounds interesting and only go back if you run into trouble.

Though personally I wouldn’t advice going deep into the NFT and blockchain stuff… like, isn’t the market crashing right now - especially NFT?
Anyway, personally I consider both a scam and waste of energy…

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Market is showing signs of turning around, and from how it looks with the NFT coding, its really not all that hard to write a Smart Contract for a Jpg… Half the reason it interested me. As for blockchain, that has many other applications past Crypto Currency.

Ok I will check out Scientific Computing first, honestly the AI applications was very interesting when I started looking in to Python. Always wanted to build an AI project when I was a kid, but never made it that far due to life’s battles.
Thank you for you response, I will post again if I get stuck. Getting past he indecisiveness is the hardest part for me.

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