New to coding string should contain one character

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I’m new to coding javascript and I’m trying to create a string but I cant see what’s wrong with it.

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var myFirstame = “edward”;

var myLastname = “barfield”;

var myFirstName = "edward";

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Challenge: Declare String Variables

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So what do you have in the var myFirstName? And what is var myFirstame?

I dont quite understand what you mean? I’m trying to follow it but I dont get why its saying there’s no characters when I’ve typed it as it told me to

If you could show me an example of what I should type that would be really helpful

The tests are very precise, looking for a very specific variable name. myLastname and myLastName are not the same thing - note the capitals in particular.

And myFirstame is not the same as myFirstName - the first is missing a letter.

Again, the tests are looking for exact matches. Which test is failing for you?

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