New to Dev. Any tips are appreciated

Hi, im studing web dev and i’m facing the real programming language (javascript). I understand what does the arrays, the function etc. but i dont understand yet how to move to write a good code for what i want to do. I mean, the hardest part is to understand what and when write a specific things like arrays, function, how to remove items from the arrays, the object etc etc. Let me know if i was clear enough to my problem. I think you call it “computational language”? I believe this is what i dont have developed yet. What do u suggest to improve that?
Sorry for my bad english and thanks to any replies


If i understand correctly, you’re talking about the whole logic behind the solution you’re about to program/provide.

  • Which solution of the multiple ones you can provide is the right one (although they all provide the results you need).
  • Where you should use all the information/technologies you’ve learnt.

In my opinion that comes with experience.
You could do different projects around the internet to train all those abilities and I’m sure they will always come handy at some point in your career.
You could also find a coding partner and exchange ideas so that you will both grow as devs.

Never give up ! You can do it :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your reply, you put me in a good mood :smile:
I forgot to say im new to this world, never touch programming language before.

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Welcome then to this gigantic world of options and opportunities you can choose from and always find a place to fit in !!! :smiley:

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I am a similar boat as you Marco. Ive been learning and I understand the concepts…but its hard to know when to use everything in the tool belt.

Message me if you’d like to study together some time!

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