New to FCC and lovin it

Hi guys, my name is Marco!

I’ve been coding since Feb 2016. I started with a subscription with Teamtreehouse, but now I’m starting to branch out and learn from different online coding schools.
It has been a wonderful adventure and I simply can’t get enough of it.
I dream of landing a developer job some day, even though the city I live in is not really conducive to techy people. It is really discouraging because nobody sees the value of it.

I manage for fit in at least 3hours of coding each day, even if I have a day job and study at a college.

Current thought:

  • I wonder what it feels like waking up in the morning knowing that you’ll just code the whole day. :slight_smile:


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Nice, welcome! I really like Treehouse, too. Someday I’ll be re-activating my subscription there and completing some more paths.

Welcome to FCC! You will love it here. Especially the active community.

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They have the TechDegree now. With around $99/month.
hahaha it’s pretty pricey but the content is great.