New to FCC. i need help and advice

I’m new to FCC. i am not sure where to start. I’ll like to secure a role as a developer within 8 weeks if possible? Which language is in high demand?


You can find the curriculum at

Noone knows how long it is realistic to claim you can get a job as a dev without knowing your experience and background, or how much time you can devote to study.

For now, just get started and see how you find it.

Happy coding!

The information you seek is not that hard to find

Although no matter which language you choose, I don’t know how realistic it is to secure a developer job in 8 weeks. It depends on your background, diligence and aptitude, and really even people with all 3 sometimes have problems with job search simply due to a competitive market.

This is not to discourage rather to ground your expectations.

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