New to the forum

Hello Everyone,

I am Yıldırım. A medical doctor and an academician in the field of Pathology. I have always had a keen interest what is really going on the background of softwares that we use everyday. I was able to realized some small, humble projects, some of which have still be in use among my colleagues and friends, but I have never felt or seen myself as a coder or software developer. Nowadays, I have an opportunity to take my time for reaching out for my personal goals, apart from my professional duties. So, I started learning how to code through the excellent courses of freeCodeCamp.

I really appreciate the efforts behind freeCodeCamps and really like to tank all the people who had made it readily available for those want to learn the logic and beauty of information technology which is being used by millions of people everday.

As I said, I see myself a newbie to this world. But, at the same time, I am hoping to become a proficient software developer one day. Day by day, I started to believe that it is possible, especially reading the success stories.

I wish to a happy new year all of you.


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Welcome to the family of campers here at FreeCodeCamp. There are lots of information and lots of great people to help you along the way. If you get stuck, just ask and someone will help.

Thank for your welcoming, encouraging me, and the swift response :slight_smile: I will definitely ask questions when I got stuck.

Have a good one.