New to web development, stuck on step 6

Hi there,

I am currently working to be a web developer in the future and I am looking for some help.

I am currently on step 6 and I don’t understand on how to get past this task, could I please get some feed back on how to do this step.

many thanks


This step doesn’t really have much to do with actual HTML, it’s about formatting the HTML so it is easier to read. I would recommend you restart the step to get the original formatting back, and then the only thing you want to do is use the space bar on your keyboard to add two more spaces in front of the h2 element, the comment, and the p element. That’s it, don’t change anything else.

Am i right in saying that the element is the context inside the opening and closing tags?

An element consists of it opening/closing tags and any content inside of those tags.

So, just move the entire tag along with it’s contents 2 spaces along?

All done! Thank you, once again, I apologies for so many questions only just starting.

No need to apologize, that’s what we are here for :slight_smile: And you aren’t the only one who doesn’t get this step right away. It is by far one of the most popular topics in this forum.

Yeah I bet, I will be revisiting these steps again, so that I can get to grips with building web sites more efficiently.

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